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Murus Decoration, the manufacturer of wallcoverings, specializes in a wide array of wallpaper printing techniques.

Fast Lead Time

Murus Decoration offer 15 days' lead time. Most importers and distributors suffer from long lead times. Trading companies usually offer 30 to 60 days' lead time.

Throughout the world, people will coexist with covid-19 epidemics for a long time. The epidemic already impacts our daily lives everywhere. Due to Murus Decoration's quick response to distributors' orders, dealers and wallpaper consumers will be more likely to stick together.

Massive patterns

With more than 15 years of experience in wallpaper manufacturing and sales, Murus Decoration has more than 10 categories of design style, over 30 amazing decoration collections, 2,000 alluring patterns.

We have many type of design style, which cater to the demand from different culture and aesthetic.

Cost Saving

Rather than producing wallpaper for only a few people, we aim to make wonderful wallpapers that are affordable to everyone.

Most of the exporting in China occurs through a trading company that handles factory production and distributor importing. The trading company earns 8-15% profit on each transaction. Most of our wallpapers can be 15% lower than others (with the same or even better quality). In the long run, Murus Decoration's pricing policy will lead to no survivors in the Chinese trading market.Murus's distributors will always be competitive when competing with their competitors. And consumers will benefit from Murus Decoration's pricing strategy as well.

Marketing Support 

Our marketing material, including videos, partterns' photos, effect drawings, posts, and e-catalogs, will be shared with our partners and customers after working together. As well, we will forward Murus' buyer leads to local agents.

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